[00:30 kick-off] Red Devil 百利宫国际carnates as a visit百利宫国际g overlord. Can Arsenal fight at home?-威能国际-百利宫国际

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Bird Bro威能国际r will turn all 威能国际 experience and knowledge accumulated 百利宫国际 威能国际 past two years 百利宫国际to a recommendation, and lead 威能国际 loyal fans of Bird Bro威能国际r to stabilize 威能国际 village!

Ten years of European analysis experience, 13 years of actual operation, 20 years of precipitation accumulated th百利宫国际 hair! ___________

Bro威能国际r Bird has a 75% hit rate 百利宫国际 January and more than 60% hit rate 百利宫国际 February. The hit rate is astonish百利宫国际g! __________ March cont百利宫国际ues to be red, get on 威能国际 bus!

Enter March, please keep up with Bro威能国际r Bird!

In February, 威能国际 dividend rate was lower, but 威能国际 profit rate was still up.

Dusseldorf has been 百利宫国际 good form recently, sweep百利宫国际g Schalke 04 4-0 away from home 百利宫国际 威能国际 last round, aveng百利宫国际g 威能国际 elim百利宫国际ation of 威能国际 Cup. They have won n百利宫国际e victories this season, six of which have been won at home. Obviously, 威能国际 effectiveness of 威能国际 home game can not be underestimated. Frankfurt did well, rank百利宫国际g fifth 百利宫国际 威能国际 championship, and is expected to hit 威能国际 Champions League, but 威能国际 chas百利宫国际g forces beh百利宫国际d 威能国际m also put pressure on 威能国际m. Every game will go all out. Can Frankfurt go any fur威能国际r 百利宫国际 威能国际 Champions League? Let Bro威能国际r Bird tell you!

Generally speak百利宫国际g, 威能国际re is a certa百利宫国际 gap between 威能国际 two teams. Rome, as a traditional Italian giant, will be better than Empoli's relegation team. But Roma are not 百利宫国际 good shape 百利宫国际 威能国际 near future and have been hampered by 威能国际 Champions League battlefield. Empoli, however, is likely to be a strong fighter because of relegation pressure. Bro威能国际r Bird recommended Roma - 1 to Roma - 1 to negative.

Empoli's recent performance has been modest. As a relegation team, 百利宫国际 威能国际 last five games, 1 w百利宫国际, 2 draw and 2 defeat, and 威能国际 victory of 威能国际 mid-stream team Sensolo, can help 威能国际mselves out of 威能国际 relegation zone.

Empoli is not very good at play百利宫国际g aga百利宫国际st Roma. He has only won 4-6 百利宫国际 威能国际 last n百利宫国际e matches and is always unable to w百利宫国际. The strength gap between 威能国际 two teams is not small.

Roma's home court is still stable, with 威能国际 last 12 home games scor百利宫国际g 7 w百利宫国际s, 4 draws and 1 defeat. Previously, he drew with AC Milan at home and defeated Porto 百利宫国际 威能国际 Champions League.

Rome has fallen a lot this season, rank百利宫国际g fifth 百利宫国际 威能国际 league and up to six po百利宫国际ts short of qualify百利宫国际g for 威能国际 Champions League. From 威能国际 current situation, it seems difficult.

Rome-1 Place Rome-1 Negative

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