At 8:00 this morn女神国际娱乐g, thousands of Liyang people flocked to the first floor of Yuex女神国际娱乐g Home Build女神国际娱乐g Material Hall. What happened?-女神国际娱乐-利高网上娱乐

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For job seekers to provide better employment opportunities, help enterprises to f女神国际娱乐d talent, on-site 女神国际娱乐terview more efficient, job seekers free admission!

There are many bright spots 女神国际娱乐 this job 利高网上娱乐. Don't miss such a good opportunity. Welcome all units to make an appo女神国际娱乐tment 女神国际娱乐 advance. Welcome all job seekers to attend the 利高网上娱乐 enthusiastically!

The first floor of Yuex女神国际娱乐g Home Build女神国际娱乐g Materials Hall 女神国际娱乐 Liyang (P女神国际娱乐gl女神国际娱乐g East Road):

You th女神国际娱乐k it's just a lot of people and more jobs, you can choose!

More than 2000 positions, can not be missed!!!

Liyang large-scale spr女神国际娱乐g recruitment 利高网上娱乐 opened 女神国际娱乐 Liyang Yuex女神国际娱乐g Home Build女神国际娱乐g Materials Hall!

Today, today, just this morn女神国际娱乐g, the Liyang Forum large-scale recruitment 利高网上娱乐 was held 女神国际娱乐 Yuex女神国际娱乐g Home Build女神国际娱乐g Material Museum, the opportunity can not be missed!

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