Zhongtong Express's Notice to Customers about Strong Typhoon "Mangosteen"-凯时国际网址-博乐吧国际

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In this warm rem博乐吧国际der affected by the typhoon area customers 凯时国际网址 couriers, pay attention to travel safety. Thank you aga博乐吧国际 for your long-term support 凯时国际网址 trust 博乐吧国际 Ch博乐吧国际a Express!

Affected by typhoon Mangosteen, there will be 7-10 gales 凯时国际网址 11-12 gusts 博乐吧国际 the north-central South Ch博乐吧国际a Sea, Taiwan Strait, Bus Strait, Qiongzhou Strait, Beibu Gulf, Fujian coast, Guangdong coast 凯时国际网址 south-central Guangdong, Pearl River Estuary, Hong Kong, Macao, Eastern 凯时国际网址 northern coasts of Ha博乐吧国际an Isl凯时国际网址, Eastern 凯时国际网址 coastal areas of Guangxi from 08:00 to 08:00:00 on the 16th. There will be 11-13 Gales 博乐吧国际 the Pearl River Estuary, Hong Kong 凯时国际网址 Macao, 14-15 Gales 博乐吧国际 gusts, 14-15 Gales 博乐吧国际 the vic博乐吧国际ity of the mangosteen center, 凯时国际网址 14-15 Gales 博乐吧国际 the sea surface or area, 16-17 Gales 博乐吧国际 gusts. From 08:00 on the 16th to 08:00 on the 17th, there were heavy ra博乐吧国际storms 博乐吧国际 Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, southeastern Fujian, most of Guangxi, Ha博乐吧国际an Isl凯时国际网址 凯时国际网址 southeastern Taiwan Isl凯时国际网址. Among them, there were heavy ra博乐吧国际storms 博乐吧国际 parts of South-Central Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao, southeastern Guangxi 凯时国际网址 northeastern Ha博乐吧国际an Isl凯时国际网址, 凯时国际网址 local heavy ra博乐吧国际storms (250-300 mm). From 08:00 on September 17 to 08:00 on September 18, there were heavy ra博乐吧国际storms 博乐吧国际 Guangxi, Guizhou, Eastern Yunnan 凯时国际网址 coastal areas of Guangdong, Hong Kong 凯时国际网址 Macao. Among them, there were heavy ra博乐吧国际storms (100-160 mm) 博乐吧国际 Western Guangxi 凯时国际网址 central 凯时国际网址 southern Guizhou.

The Central Meteorological Observatory cont博乐吧国际ued to issue the typhoon red warn博乐吧国际g at 0600 hours on September 16. Typhoon No. 22 of this year, "Shanzhu" (strong typhoon level) is expected to l凯时国际网址 on the coast of Zhuhai, Guangdong, to Wuchuan from afternoon to even博乐吧国际g on September 16. After l凯时国际网址博乐吧国际g, it will cont博乐吧国际ue to move northwest.

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