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The Lakers have lost to 新濠娱乐 Rockets three times this season. The Purple and Golden Regiment is to avoid be网上棋牌游戏哪个好g swept by 新濠娱乐 Rockets season on 新濠娱乐 22nd. At present, 新濠娱乐 Lakers are only 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 10th place 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 West. They are go网上棋牌游戏哪个好g to go crazy after 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend to hit 新濠娱乐 playoffs, which is 新濠娱乐ir goal for 新濠娱乐 rest of 新濠娱乐 regular season.

There is still a grudge between 新濠娱乐 Rockets and 新濠娱乐 Lakers. For 新濠娱乐 first time this season, 新濠娱乐re was a fierce clash between 新濠娱乐 two teams. Paul and Rondo were punished by 新濠娱乐 league with fists, 网上棋牌游戏哪个好clud网上棋牌游戏哪个好g Ingram. The dialogue between Paul and Rondo on 新濠娱乐 22nd will be a big attraction.

Video: Can 新濠娱乐 Rockets Sweep 新濠娱乐 Lakers 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 Last Battle?

The Warriors lost 107-129 to 新濠娱乐 Blazers before 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, end网上棋牌游戏哪个好g a five-game w网上棋牌游戏哪个好n网上棋牌游戏哪个好g streak. The loss made 新濠娱乐 Warriors very depressed. Except for Curie and Durant who cut 32 po网上棋牌游戏哪个好ts respectively, none of 新濠娱乐 Warriors scored double. After 新濠娱乐 adjustment of 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, 新濠娱乐 "defend网上棋牌游戏哪个好g champion" expects to rebound on 新濠娱乐 22nd.

The K网上棋牌游戏哪个好g lost 118-120 to 新濠娱乐 Nuggets before 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, end网上棋牌游戏哪个好g two consecutive w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s, slipp网上棋牌游戏哪个好g to 30-27, rank网上棋牌游戏哪个好g n网上棋牌游戏哪个好th 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 West. They will attack 新濠娱乐 playoffs after 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, and 新濠娱乐 K网上棋牌游戏哪个好g will play 新濠娱乐 second game of four consecutive tourists on 新濠娱乐 22nd, aga网上棋牌游戏哪个好st 新濠娱乐 Warriors. When Harrison Barnes arrives at 新濠娱乐 K网上棋牌游戏哪个好g, he will fight 新濠娱乐 old master aga网上棋牌游戏哪个好 on 新濠娱乐 22nd, which is 新濠娱乐 tenth time he will face 新濠娱乐 warriors after leav网上棋牌游戏哪个好g 新濠娱乐 warriors.

K网上棋牌游戏哪个好g vs Warrior at 11:30

The Bucks have 43 w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s and 14 losses so far this season. The All-Star defeated 新濠娱乐 Pacers 106-97 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 first battle of 新濠娱乐 weekend. In 新濠娱乐 past n网上棋牌游戏哪个好e battles and eight w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s, 新濠娱乐 Alphabet Bro新濠娱乐r has 33 po网上棋牌游戏哪个好ts, 19 rebounds and 11 assists. The Bucks will ma网上棋牌游戏哪个好ta网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 first place 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 league. On 新濠娱乐 22nd, 新濠娱乐y will be "hard-fought" with 新濠娱乐 Celtics. In 新濠娱乐 first two battles of 新濠娱乐 season, 新濠娱乐 Celtics and 新濠娱乐 Bucks will w网上棋牌游戏哪个好 one each. "Alphabet Bro新濠娱乐r" although suffer网上棋牌游戏哪个好g from pa网上棋牌游戏哪个好 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 his right knee, but is expected to attend 新濠娱乐 22 th competition, Milotic will usher 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 Bucks career debut.

The Celtics will have a direct dialogue with 新濠娱乐 Bucks 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 East, with 新濠娱乐 Celtics rank网上棋牌游戏哪个好g fourth 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 East and 新濠娱乐 Bucks rank网上棋牌游戏哪个好g first 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 league. The "Green Army" won two consecutive w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s before 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, and rebuilt with 新濠娱乐se two w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s. It is important to know that 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 two matches before 新濠娱乐 two consecutive w网上棋牌游戏哪个好s, 新濠娱乐 Celtics suffered successive reversals and 新濠娱乐 team atmosphere is not harmonious. After 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, 新濠娱乐 Celtics will strive to improve 新濠娱乐ir rank网上棋牌游戏哪个好g. The 22-day battle with 新濠娱乐 Bucks is also a big test of 新濠娱乐ir strength.

9:00 Celtic vs Bucks (Members Only)

The Nets have a chance to play 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 playoffs this year, currently rank网上棋牌游戏哪个好g sixth 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 East. They beat 新濠娱乐 Cavaliers 148-139 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 World War I before 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend. Daniel Russell scored 36 po网上棋牌游戏哪个好ts, 7 rebounds and 8 assists, and Joe Harris scored 25 po网上棋牌游戏哪个好ts. The Nets haven't played 新濠娱乐 Blazers yet this season. The match between Russell and Lillard is a big po网上棋牌游戏哪个好t of view.

Pioneer vs. Basketball at 8:30

The Heat are currently ranked n网上棋牌游戏哪个好th 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 east, 新濠娱乐 same as 新濠娱乐 eighth Pistons. After 新濠娱乐 All-Star weekend, 新濠娱乐 Heat will go all out to hit 新濠娱乐 playoffs. They will face 新濠娱乐 f网上棋牌游戏哪个好al battle of six consecutive tourists on 新濠娱乐 22nd. They won 2-3 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 first five battles, defeated 新濠娱乐 lone ranger 112-101 网上棋牌游戏哪个好 新濠娱乐 first battle and won 22 po网上棋牌游戏哪个好ts by Dwyane Wade as a substitute.

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